We offer our Pharma franchise to increase our presence in Indian market & our partners will get complete range of promotional and marketing support from us. We are always working on exploring new advanced products and appointing new Pharma distributorship, monopoly Pharma franchises for better and responsive partnerships.

Our endeavor is to spread the goodness of our pharmaceutical products across world wide. We also strive to launch a new range of products with more effective results and more effective cure. We are deeply engaged in marketing of our products so that they reach far and wide. With this aim in mind we provide you with a pharma franchise option. We are always in search of new pharma distributors.

Advantages of taking Eleris Healthcare Franchise :

If you become a franchisee of Eleris Healthcare, you definitely gain many benefits like:

  • You can have better access to newer technologies.
  • Providing good Pharma Franchise Opportunities in India
  • Access to approved new drugs.
  • More exposure of your business through various advertising.

Eleris Healthcare, being a reliable Pharma Franchise Company offers profitable Pharma Franchise Solution to various businesses, local & regional investors or companies in order to promote and market its product line. This service shows a mix of knowledge, network, opportunity, growth and success as the company is having long-term commitment of management focused to enhancement of company's brand and repute across the market places it serves to. As a prominent Pharmaceutical Company, we render freedom to the investors to take part in our commercial activities. With our strong brand image, trusted quality and profitable business dealings & skilled field force. We enter into a continuous contractual relationship and licensing with other business partners.

What we Offer to Distributors :

  • We offer Franchise Marketing Distributorship (Exclusive Marketing Cum Distribution Franchise) for your area with Monopoly Rights.
  • We offer Very good & Wide Range of Products.
  • For promotion of our product, we will provide Visual Aids with Extra ordinary detailing , Attractive Catch Cover, Leave Behind card, Order Book, Glossary, Product Cards, Doctor’s Pad, Visiting Cards, Gift Articles, M.R. Bag, etc.